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New updates for the release section (Amestigon, Abigor and some tape versions of Summoning). 


New photos and text has been added to the releases/merchandise menu


Old interverview from LMHSYF times is online.


If you are interested in Summoning tape-editions from Virus Productions, this one is for you:


The release section is updated with new information about Amestigon


Finally the recreated Summoning page is online. Protector has not only made a new design, but also found time to update the content which was unfortunately neglected during the past decade. Of course everything is still far from being complete, so your opinion is requested and beside that it would be great if you, the fans, could collect everything interesting that fits to the page: Old reviews, photos, articles, rarities and of course all kind of positive or constructive criticism is not only allowed but wished.


Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 200 Gatefold Copies in GOLDEN 180g Vinyl and Etched Band Logo on Side B. Austrian Black Metal Classic 

Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 300 Gatefold Copies in GREEN 180g Vinyl and Etched Band Logo on Side B. Austrian Black Metal Classic


herer are the links to napalm records concerning the new vinyl.

Oath Bound

Nightshade Forest


Photo of the female speaker Erika Szücs of the elvish words in "Evernight" and "The white Tower", and the orkish words in "Redhorn" added to the pictures section.

Other photos follow soon.


Silenius has done vocals for 2 classic Abigor songs, which are about to be released this week:

Supreme And Immortal limited and numbered gatefold 7” featuring Soil Of Souls and Supreme And Immortal (from an unmixed 1997 tape, new vocals by Silenius) first 200 include a CD featuring Silenius´ first Abigor rehearsal May 1994 grey T-Shirt Supreme And Immortal (front & back print, logo on sleeve)


Originally Supreme And Immortal was intended to mark ABIGOR’s 20th year of coating the earthly soil with Satanic Black Metal, yet facing the many disgusting ´anniversary´ releases and concerts, the group prefers to just take it for what it is, an old original rough 1997 ABIGOR recording, where Silenius has breathed (or should we say roared) new life and sense into the reworked lyrics of the original hymns.



Here a short outlook of Summoning releases fort he end of this year:

1) Nightshade forests-Lp-200Gold-300Copper
2) Oathbound-Lp-200Gold-300Forest green

Both releases should be out on 29.11.2013.

As we mentioned some time ago, the Summoning facebook site is not done by ourselves. Hopefully this will change soon. We try to get administration rights, so that we can post regulary and have the possibility to get in direct contact with you the fans.

Expect some news from us soon.


Because of private reasons and a huge lack of time we are sorry to say, that the relaunch of our homepage will not happen until the next months. We apologize for that and try to give you newest information as soon as we are ready to work on it.


Today we have finished the work for the earbook edition of "Old Mornings Dawn". After all it turned out to be a more and harder work as we expected, but now as the end has come we are really satisfied with the result. In contrary to the first box-set edition which was created and designed by napalm records, this time we got the opportunity by the label to make the complete design by our own. The result is an 24 x 24 cm sized earbook of "Old Mornings Dawn", including the two bonus tracks, and alternative cover layout and a 24 pages booklet. This booklet contains different paintings in the style of the original booklet, late over separated different backgrounds and added by selected parts of the lyrics.

Further the box-set will include a golden 7 inch vinyl with different versions of the songs "Old Mornings Dawn" and "Caradhras". Both songs will only be available on this edition and not, as originally planned, on the vinyl release of "Lost Tales" in near future. Protector added some new drums and sounds on "Old Mornings Dawn", and "Caradhras" will include some missing lyrics in the black speech from the song "Mirdautas Vras", performed by "Erika Sz?cs" and some new backing vocals by Silenius.

Both versions come alone without the original vocals and guitar lines and are mixed in a new way.

In the end of the year the label will continue with the presentation of some new vinyl editions of the back catalogue. More information about this soon.


Deepest respect goes to sonofavestal and 22valkyria for their fantastic fanmade videos
On you tube. We salute you.


The Abigor single "supreme and immortal is the art of the devil" with Silenius on vocals will be released on avantgarde music soon, more information about this release is available here: Avantgardemusic


This earbook is limited to 500 copies. To keep it as exclusive as
the two diffrent song versions of “Old mornings dawn” and “Caradhras”
will be avaliable only on this release and nowhere else again.
No repressings – no further editions. 


The pre-selling of the "Old Mornings Dawn" earbook-edition starts in the next days.


Due to some irritations of fans concerning a fan made facebook account of silenius, we want to state once and for all: Neither silenius nor protector are on facebook, myspace etc. the only official summoning homepage is the only official summoning facebook acount is (even this page is not done by ourselves, but people who are standing close and have the right to do so). All other homepage or facebook account dealing with summoning, protector or silenius, are fan-made sites and therefore not under our control.


After a series of different limited versions of vinyl and the limited CD box set from "OMD" we are still busy with working for the conception of the earbook edition and the different versions of the songs OMD and Caradhras (btw. that's the reason why the relaunch of our homepage is delayed). This edition will be the final and ultimate version of OMD and limited to 500 copies. The new cover of this release can be seen on the Napalm Records page soon. After this we will come to an end. There wont be any new editions of OMD and of course no repressing of any limited version. Then only the unlimited CD jewel case without the bonus songs and the black vinyl with the bonus tracks will remain available.


In the following, we want to give you a short outlook of all planned releases concerning Summoning during this and the next year.

As the Summoning boxset, limited to 1000 copies, was sold out pretty fast and won`t be repressed, Napalm Records is planning an ultimate earbook edition with different cover artwork, a 24 pages booklet, the CD with the bonus tracks, and a special 7 inch vinyl with acoustic versions of the songs "Old Mornings Dawn" and "Caradhras".

In the end of this year “Nightshade Forests” and “Oath Bound” will be released on vinyl.

Next year the “Lost Tales” EP will be releasd on vinyl. This edition will be a 10 inch including the two remixes of the before mentioned earbook.

There are also about six unfinished and therefore unreleased songs from the “Old Mornings Dawn” session, which we will work on as soon as possible and hopefully are able to release them only on vinyl (maybe including a download code)in the middle of 2014.

In the end of next year, when everything is said and done, and all works are finished and released, the forgesse will get cold again,and we will rest at last. Then Summoning will fall asleep again for a longer time, until a new dawn is rising...